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Antamedia Bandwidth Manager 4.1

It provides all the features you need to control the amount of bandwidth
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Controlling and limiting the bandwidth within a local area network is literally impossible, unless you use a program like this one, Antamedia Bandwidth Manager. With this application, you can have complete control of the bandwidth of each machine on your network.

A handy setup wizard will appear the first time you start the program. Having followed just a few easy steps, you can have the program working perfectly. You can configure various settings for each user. However, in order to change the settings to your liking, you will need the IP address or MAC address of each machine on the network. The program allows you to set a number of parameters, for example: limit the download and upload speed in Kbytes, Kbits, Mbits, or Mbytes; and you can also limit the amount of traffic allowed (in Bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB), daily use time, number of logins per day, and so on.

Besides, you can also configure parameters for auto-logins of unknown users on your network; and the application also enables you to control the shared Internet connection. It is also possible to maintain a white list of MAC addresses. In this way, the machines on that list will have unlimited access to the network.

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  • You can control the bandwidth and many other advanced parameters for each of the machines on your network
  • The program includes a handy setup wizard


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